Spaw Pricing


? Professional Grooming- Prices vary based on breed, weight and haircut style.

The professional groom includes a bath, gland expression, ear cleaning, nail trim and grind, an all over haircut & style, stylish bandana with our signature after bath spritz. Our Stylists will consult with you on the type of haircut you would like for your dog and discuss what is achievable given the condition of your dog’s coat. If you are looking for a specific style of cut, please bring photos for reference. Depending on the coat type of your dog, this service is recommended every 4-6 weeks. For the safety, comfort and to ensure the quality of the groom, we do not quote a time of completion. Further more, our stylist pride themselves in their detailed hand scissoring technique that is unique to each stylist. 

? Mini Groom-Prices vary based on breed and weight

The mini includes a bath, gland expression, ear cleaning, nail trim and grind, Face, Feet, Tail and Sani Trim ONLY, stylish bandana with our signature after bath spritz. This service is recommended for in-between all over haircuts to help maintain your Furr Baby’s Lucious Locks

? Full Service Bath- Prices vary based off weight

The Full Service Bath includes a bath, gland expression, ear cleaning, nail trim and grind, stylish bandana with our signature after bath spritz. Feeling STINKIER than usual? This is the perfect way to maintain your dog’s health and hygiene. Book today to let our team of stylists work their magic and make bath time a relaxing experience. 

Full Service Bath XS (1-14 LBS) $30
Full Service Bath SM (15-29 LBS) $35
Full Service Bath Med (30-49 LBS)$45
Full Service Bath Lg (50-69 LBS) $65
Full Service Bath XL  (70-79 LBS) $75
Full Service Bath XXL (80- 89 LBS) $85
Full Service Bath Giant (90 + LBS) $100 +

? Self-Service Dog Wash- $25

Sometimes, you and your pet want to enjoy some quality bonding time while getting clean. That’s why we provide convenient self-service dog wash stations equipped with everything you need. Slip on one of our aprons and bond with your pet using our premium shampoos, conditioner, ear/eye wipes and gentle brushes. Afterward, our handy dryers and towels will ensure your pet is perfectly coiffed and ready for snuggles.

A La Barke Add-Ons

? Blueberry Facial- $5

A Blueberry Facial is an excellent way of minimizing tear stains and enhancing the coat’s color naturally while providing a calming, aromatherapeutic experience for your dog or cat. Through regular use you will start to notice that your pet’s face becomes fluffier and able to stay cleaner longer thanks to its rich levels of vitamins A, D and E.

? De-Shedding Treatment- $20+ Depending on size of dog

This professional-grade shampoo and conditioner works to reduce excess shedding and releases loose hair from the undercoat. Enriched with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids, Calendula Extract, and Papaya Leaf Extract; it gives dogs healthier skin, creates a shiny topcoat, and reduces excessive shedding. 

? De-Matting & Brush Out- $5 per five minutes

Our De-Matting & Brush Out Service is designed to help get rid of the more serious knots in your dog’s coat. Our Stylists will carefully brush out the matted areas in your dog’s coat before bathing your pooch, preventing further knot tightening and tangling. Depending on how matted your pet is, brushing all of the knots out might not be possible. In the case of severe knots that cannot be brushed out, our Stylists may need to shave the matted area to help with your dog’s comfort and prevent skin damage. This service requires you to sign a release form in case shaving is needed.

? Fur to DYE For $20+ depending on areas dyed and size of dog

We use an array of dog safe colors to give your furr baby a spunky new look! Most products wash out after 6-12 rinses. Not every dog is eligible to receive this service depending on coat type, coat color and comfort level. This add on is by appointment only, so please call to set up a color appointment. 

Pawdicure (Nail Polish)- $7
Nail Trim- $10
Nail Grind- $15
Teeth brushing and Breath Spray-$10
Visor Trim- $7.50
Sanitary Trim- $7.50
Paw Trim- $7.50
Pad Shave- $7.50

Policies & New Client Info

Vaccination Requirement

Proof of Rabies vaccination is required by Texas Law. Stinky Dawg will require proof of vaccination before any grooming services can be performed.  While we don’t require other vaccinations, we highly encourage you to fully vaccinate your pup. This is to protect your dog as well as the staff and others. 

Flea and Tick

If fleas and or ticks are found on your pet, Stinky Dawg will use our Flea Shampoo to remove fleas and ticks to prevent possible infestation to our facility and other pets in our care. There will be a minimum $15 charge at the owner’s expense.